We believe in…

Designing life as art, captivating the soul with imagination by the love of giving life to others through resource, dedication, transformation and capturing the beauty that resides within.

We are focused on pure beauty, the simplicity of art and the divine romance of making beauty come to life.

A life endeavor of finding art in frames of ones world. Starting with a mirror and how you see yourself, you’re more than beautiful… you’re a powerful beam of life, shine!

Short bio

april carter seattle

April Carter, photographer, writer, designer.  Happily married to her long time best friend, Jon Carter, singer/actor/producer. The artsy duet reside in Seattle, WA nourishing art, ideas and movement of helping others and their community. All endeavors are filtered through their belief in philanthropy, funding proceeds towards adoption of children in China and investigation against child trafficking worldwide.


My equipment

What’s in your Bag?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II (primary)
Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM (primary)

Film junkie, toy cameras and various lenses.


snap it vintage


We have been at our craft for over 10 years. We love all types of looks.. funky, classic, vintage, mod, fantasy. Bring us your idea, we love to make things happen!

Creating identity for independent and corporate marketing.

devon jade 1

Fashion Photography

Enhancing portfolios for models and art direction.


It takes a lifetime to find love worth saving forever, your wedding day is just the same.

Love is a journey, your story told in a song, his smile, her laughter… the look of knowing you’ll be her forever.

We will travel to the ends of the earth, your backyard or the Ivory sea to tell your story in print, your new beginning with the ones you love.

Intimate, quality… you! We provide selective boutique services for weddings, please inquire.


Offering personalized media layout services in print, web and card stock. Branding, typography & design.